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IS Life keeping you unbalanced?


Balance ISN’t something you achieve.

It’s something you feel.

Rach Jansen

If you’re stuck in a daily life that feels ridiculously busy, doing everything you’re ‘supposed to’ but it’s leaving you feeling a little strung out and a lot exhausted, then come closer …


I am going to show you the way to balance.

It’s about de-stress, not distress


What IS the ‘all‘ we’re supposed to be having anyway?

I know that doing it all is NOT the same thing as having it all.

It’s not sustainable to just keep going and going, doing all the things for all the people but leaving yourself out of the equation.

When you do, you begin to worry you may just call it quits if something doesn’t give.

Or you keep burning yourself out, limping to the end of the year exhausted and vowing that next year, you’ll do better, simplify, make a change.

It’s disheartening to feel overwhelmed by a to do list that never ends.

It’s frustrating when you’re not really visible in your own life.

You want to be calmer, feel on top of everything and be healthier, fitter and have a whole life.

But you’re always overwhelmed, feel fatigued and just have no spare time.

The family ALWAYS comes first, and your people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies keep you stuck on an exhausting and unfulfilling hamsterwheel.

What if you could feel calmer?

What if you could feel on top of everything and be more in control and not caught in chaos?

What if you could find more BALANCE?

And what if you could do it in just 10 minutes?

You can. Here’s how.

It’s a little bit of science, a little bit of woo and a whole lot of practical shortcuts.

Balance for your mind

Switch your mindset from people-pleasing and being a perfectionist. 

Balance for your spirit

Finding your calm, finding your fire – it’s all part of the dance of living your best life.

Balance for your body

Quick and easy recipes to help you give yourself a health-fix quick sticks.

Designed by one busy woman for other busy women


Just like you, I live in the real world – the one without a chef, cleaner or magic laundry fairy. The one with work deadlines, budgets and school drop-offs and pickups that make me feel like I live in my car.

As a high-achieving people-pleaser, I found myself wedged in the middle of a very hard place: wanting to take care of my family but exhausted, craving my own life and professional fulfillment, and truthfully, some days a wee bit angry that I just never felt like myself anymore.

Sound familiar?

Since becoming a mother almost 16 years ago, I’ve learned what it truly means to have it all, how to achieve balance and what it means to be happy.

Through research, study and trial and error, I’ve spent much of those years working out how to carry the load without letting the load break me.

I refused to settle for a half life. I wanted to live a complete life – have it all – but not collapse in the process.


I found shortcuts that worked.

Modern women need a modern way forward

We’re not 1950’s housewives. We’re not 1990’s corporate men.

So where do we fit in a world designed to be either one or the other?

We find our own place, at our own pace, and we change the way things are done around here.

We use science, psychology and a call from our own soul to practice balance.

Your balance toolkit looks like –


  • The Daily Balance Program
  • 10 minute mind: journalling prompts
  • 10 minute peace: meditations
  • 10 minute meals: easy, fast & healthy recipes
  • Masterclasses for mind, body & spirit
  • Videos, audios or transcripts – watch, listen or read the lessons and learn the way best for you
  • Downloadable exercises to implement what you learn
  • Private Facebook group

Monthly focus ideas, quick boost programs and live Q&A calls.

Having it all isn’t about doing it all. It’s about feeling whole – complete.

A look inside

10 Minute Meals: Recipes for real fast food

10 Minute Motivation: Audio tracks

Good versus best

Good versus best

10 Minute MotivationSwap 'good' for bestDitch the 'good girl' narrative that drives you to sacrifice too much, and instead aim to show up as your best.Want to work on this? To help uncover what your best self life might be, try the Intentional Life masterclass - here....

Motivation: How to be happier

Motivation: How to be happier

10 Minute MotivationYou can be happier, right now, today and tomorrow. You don't have to wait until _____________  (fill in the blank).

Motivation: One thing

Motivation: One thing

10 Minute MotivationThe Power of One ThingDon't let a lack of motivation slow you down or stop you from achieving the change you need or want.

10 Minute Mind: Journalling prompts

What is good is easy to get

What is good is easy to get

Journalling Prompt What is good is easy to get “Don't fear the gods,Don't worry about death;What is good is easy to get, andWhat is terrible is easy to endure.”― Epicurus What good has come to you with ease? We're prone to think about our struggles and what we lack,...

I am at ease

I am at ease

Journalling PromptI am at ease Being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you. ~ Eckhart Tolle Much of our stress and overwhelm can come from a need to be in control or manage what's going to happen. We go down rabbit holes, or get stuck in...

An easy life

An easy life

Journalling Prompt An Easy life An easy life in this context doesn't mean a life without struggle or conflict. There will always be suffering of some kind, it can't be avoided. And some friction in life is actually good for us. Overcoming challenges or learning...

Masterclasses for mindset

Cultivating self-awareness

Cultivating self-awareness

 Cultivating self-awareness All change starts here.  - The lesson Self-awareness is possibly the most profound life skill you can cultivate because the ONLY thing we ever have any control over, is ourselves: our thoughts, behaviours and actions. In this lesson,...

Values-based decisions

Values-based decisions

 Values-based decisions Use your values to make better decisions  - The lesson We often give little thought at all to not only the decisions we make, but more importantly WHY we make them, and so we end up making choices that take us away from our goals or make...

Boundaries for Balance

Boundaries for Balance

 Boundaries for Balance Stress less and have more time for you  - The lesson In this masterclass, we take a look at setting boundaries - time boundaries, the no boundary, space boundaries and a respect boundary.  Plus I share a visualisation exercise that has...

It’s a one-stop shop to improving your health, your wellbeing and your life.

Your membership goes a long way …

Discover what 'all' means for you

Connect with balance seekers

Be visible in your own life again

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Gain confidence to live your way

“I have enrolled in a new professional course, I am drinking green smoothies every day (love your recipe !!!!), and am working on a BIG project that has been in my thoughts for over 20 years.”

“Oh, my goodness – thank you! So much of this resonates. It’s a bit exciting really to have a plan, to calm the overwhelm.

“I definitely feel better, more energy, less grumpy.”

Meet Your Coach

Rach Jansen

Rachael Jansen

 Hey, I’m Rachael Jansen, a journalist and qualified health coach, wife, mother-of-two and dedicated balance-seeker who has spent the past decade researching, studying and trialling what it takes for women to have it all AND live healthy, balanced, fulfilled lives.

Balance is my mantra. It is at my core and I believe it’s the secret to living a great life.

I learned the hard way that women often draw the short straw – that in our quest to be great mothers, we often sacrifice our very essence and our health along the way, and are left feeling unwell and unfulfilled.

I know most women think balance is a myth, but I’m here to tell you it’s 100 percent doable – because it’s NOT what you’ve been told it is. It’s not doing it all. It’s a practice.

I worked out what balance actually is. It’s about feeling whole – living a complete life. And knowing what it takes to feel your best, and not live in chaos and overwhelm.

Balance is a practice. It’s a daily way of being. Once you understand what your body, mind and soul need, you can come back to that central place of calm and connection. 

You cannot be happy and well if you ignore great chunks of your own life. Being a ‘good woman’ who puts everyone else before herself isn’t sustainable – or much fun in the end. You do not have to sacrifice your all, and nor should you be expected to.

I tried doing it the way we’re ‘supposed to’. It didn’t work. It doesn’t work, unless you’re happy to live a half life. There is a way you can honour your own needs, your own inner truth – I decided to live a complete life, and you can too.

I invite you to join The Balanced in 10 Club – your blueprint to balance.

Ready to feel more balanced?

For the cost of a coffee or two a week, you could create some balance instead.


* Join on the half yearly pass and receive a gift.

“Since meeting you and then joining, I have definitely reclaimed some of my space and am finding my place. I have enrolled in a new professional course, I am drinking green smoothies every day (love your recipe !!!!), and am working on a BIG project that has been in my thoughts for over 20 years. So THANKYOU for making it OK to be me – a clever, capable, successful independent, tertiary educated chick who married, got a mortgage, had kids and then gave everything to her family and meanwhile forgot about her own journey.”
Annemarie Webber

I just want to say a huge thank you. This program really helped me lift my game. I have still not gone back to gluten or coffee, and my sugar intake is way down…the pantry and fridge have never looked so lean and I love the food markets each week to top up fresh supplies. Thank you for your help, it has been fantastic.

Thank you, this has been a great starting point for me. I definitely feel better, more energy, less grumpy. I love the fact that it is about intuitive eating and not a ‘diet’ plan and that I can go back to areas that need more attention when needed. I have learnt so much and feel more confident now about making healthier choices.


Is this a course?

This is a library of resources, lessons and lectures covering a range of topics to help busy women make simple changes for the better. It is not one course, but the content for my individual courses is included in the membership.

I'm already busy, will this take a lot of time?

I get it! I’m busy too and so I understand how little time you have to spare. Mostly, we’re talking 10 minutes! There are sine bigger presentations up to 30 minutes or so. You can do all the lessons at your own pace. That’s part of the beauty of the membership – you go at your own pace but still have support.

How long do I have access for?

Quarterly passes give three months access and half yearly give six months access. Monthly passes go by date, month-to-month. Subscriptions auto renew but you will receive an email reminder before payment and can cancel at that time.

Do you offer a refund?

On the Quarterly and Half Yearly passes, if you decide it’s not for you within the first 7 days of your membership, send an email and I’ll refund you. On a monthly pass, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will have access until that month ends.

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Create some balance & feel more complete

Swap chaos for calm, harrassed for healthy, and tired for inspired.
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