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Quit doing it all and do what's right for you instead.

Whether you need to de-stress, eat better or find your mojo, The Complete Life Project is your guide to finding what’s missing, how to fill the gaps and find your sense of balance.


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It’s a little bit of science, a little bit of ‘woo’ and a whole lot of practical shortcuts for women who need a break and a boost. 

Isn’t having it all meant to make you happy?


If you’re stuck in a daily life that feels ridiculously busy, doing everything you’re ‘supposed to’ and yet feeling a little empty and a lot exhausted, then The Complete Life Project will help you

find some balance, better health and a whole lot more happiness.

Having it all isn’t the same as doing it all. It’s about feeling WHOLE – living a complete life.

– Rachael Jansen

What IS the ‘all‘ we’re supposed to be having anyway?   

I know that doing it all is NOT the same thing as having it all.

It’s not sustainable to just keep going and going, doing all the things for all the people and leaving yourself out of the equation.

When you do, you begin to worry you may just call it quits if something doesn’t give.

Or you keep burning yourself out, limping to the end of the year exhausted and vowing that next year, you’ll do better, simplify, make a change.

It’s disheartening to feel overwhelmed by a to do list that never ends.

It’s frustrating when you’re not really visible in your own life.

You want to be a good mother, good wife or partner, good at your job or business, but deadset, you’re beginning to feel a bit resentful that it’s always you that goes without.

What if, in three months, or even a over a year you got it completely right?

Imagine how you’d feel if you could put all the pieces of your life together in such a way that you were …


Sleep better. Sort out your hormones. Lose weight. Be stronger. Eat better. Get some energy and be confident about ageing.


Even when you’re busy you can shift your perspective and take some simple steps to change your mindset and stress less.


The holy grail of the busy working woman – these ideas will help you gain control of your time and life and bring you back to centre.

The Complete Life Project looks at your life as a WHOLE

Just like a mandala, your life is made up of interconnected elements. 

Each element is necessary to make up the whole. You can’t be happy if there’s a great chunk of your life being neglected.

With the Project, you can transform your whole life, one element at a time.











With the Project you claim agency over your own life – every part of it.


You discover how to STOP living your life in your spare time and instead live it completely all the time.

Access a whole library of resources and coaching guidance to take you from:

chaotic to calm

harassed to healthy

tired to inspired

membership includes …

The Complete Life Project

The centrepiece and starting point of balancing everything in your life in a way that gives you what you want.

Review all 10 elements of your life to identify what’s not working for you, and what’s missing.

Decide what you most want your life to be like, then receive support to begin adding in the things you do want, as you shed the things you don’t.

Step-by-step videos for each element, workbook, and coaching support.


Reclaim Your Mojo

A 21-day course to boost you mind, body and spirit and get your mojo back, one simple step at a time.

Completely Nourished

The dead easy 4-step process to eat better, even if you’ve never had kale or you’re a meat and three veg gal. With recipes.

Journalling library

A great tool for clarity and motivation, use the different prompts to start or boost your journalling practice.

Busy to Balanced

What if I told you balance wasn’t an urban myth but a ridiculously easy process that can take just seconds? 

Coaching Calls

Each month, you can choose to join a coaching call, where we discuss what our Lifers are tackling.

Weekly check-ins

In our private Facebook group, and via email, be prompted each week to take the action you need for more balance.

Monthly themes

Each month, we focus on an area of program so you can go deep and experiment with what works for you.

“Since meeting you and then joining, I have definitely reclaimed some of my space and am finding my place. 

I have enrolled in a new professional course, I am drinking green smoothies every day (love your recipe !!!!), and am working on a BIG project that has been in my thoughts for over 20 years.

So THANKYOU for making it ok to be me – a clever, capable, successful independent, tertiary educated chick who married, got a mortgage, had kids and then gave everything to her family and meanwhile forgot about her own journey.

Annemarie Webber

Just like you, I live in the real world – the one without a chef, cleaner or magic laundry fairy. The one with work deadlines, budgets and school drop-offs and pickups that make me feel like I live in my car.

As a high-achieving people-pleaser, I found myself wedged in the middle of a very hard place: wanting to take care of my family but exhausted, craving my own life back, and truthfully, some days a wee bit angry as well.

If you can relate to this – if it sounds familiar – read on. 

Since becoming a mother almost 16 years ago, I’ve learned what it truly means to have it all, how to achieve balance and what it means to be happy.

Through research, study and trial and error, I’ve spent much of those years working out how to carry the load without letting the load break me.

I refused to live a half life. I wanted to live a complete life – have it all – and thrive.

It’s messy and some days a little mad, but it is complete.

I invite you to do what I did:

Make your own life your complete Life Project

I just want to say a huge thank you. This program really helped me lift my game. I have still not gone back to gluten or coffee, and my sugar intake is way down…the pantry and fridge have never looked so lean and I love the food markets each week to top up fresh supplies. Thank you for your help, it has been fantastic.

Thank you, this has been a great starting point for me. I definitely feel better, more energy, less grumpy. I love the fact that it is about intuitive eating and not a ‘diet’ plan and that I can go back to areas that need more attention when needed. I have learnt so much and feel more confident now about making healthier choices.

A year’s membership goes a long way …

For the cost of a coffee a week, you can change your life with coaching, video lessons, audio, worksheets and live Q & A calls.

Discover what 'all' means for you

Connect with the Lifer community

Be visible in your own life again

Have the support to create change

Find a sense of balance and ease

Stress less and feel better

Talk it out with people who get it

Gain confidence to live your way

Are you ready to get started?

Who’s running this?

Hey, I’m Rachael Jansen, a journalist and qualified health coach who has spent the past decade researching, studying and trialling what it takes for women to be able to have it all and live healthy, balanced, fulfilled lives.

I started my personal investigation for my life when I found myself exhausted and unhappy raising a family and having sacrificed my career. I learned the hard way that women often draw the short straw – that in our quest to be great mothers, we often sacrifice our very essence and our health along the way, and by midlife, can be feeling unwell, unfulfilled and a little lost. 

After I made changes to my life, I started The Complete Life Project to help other women change too. I can’t wait to welcome you as a Lifer!

 Read more about Rachael here.


Is this a course?

The Complete Life Project is a library of resources, lessons and lectures covering a range of topics to help busy women make simple changes for the better. It is not one course, but the content for my individual courses is included in the membership.

I'm already busy, will this take a lot of time?

I get it! I’m busy too and so I understand how little time you have to spare. Lessons vary from 30 minutes or so, to less than 10 to watch, listen or read. You can do all the lessons at your own pace. That’s part of the beauty of the membership – you go at your own pace but still have support.

How long do I have access for?

If you join on the monthly pay as you go subsription, your account is active each month you are a member. You can leave at any time, and your access will end at the end of the last month of your subscription. 

If you join on the annual membership, you will have access for the 12 months of that subscription. You can renew at the end of the 12 months if you choose to.

Do you offer a refund?

Yep! On the annual membership, if you decide it’s not for you within the first 14 days, send an email and I’ll refund you.

If you join on a monthly subscription, you can change your mind in the first seven (7) days from your membrship start date.

Important info - READ THIS

Joining The Complete Life Project means you agree to the terms and conditions which you can find here. However, in short, non-lawyer speak includes:


I (Rachael) am not a doctor, therapist, psychologist, naturopath or even an Agony Aunt columnist. I’m not your mum or your protective big sister (unless of course you are one of three people – Rahni, Tay or Beck, who are actually those people). You are a big person now and as such, are responsible for your own decisions and choices, including seeking proper medical advice.

On that note – the information and content on this website and within the Project is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice. We – Rachael and the guest experts – do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases or illnesses here (some of the exerts may do so at their professional clinics so by all means go see them there).

If you have a medical concern or suspect you do, you should consult with a health care provider or seek professional medical treatment. The information here is not intended to replace professional medical advice – so don’t ignore your doctor or healthcare provider’s advice based on something you’ve read here, or anywhere else on the internet for that matter (including advice from strangers on Facebook).


I don’t want members who don’t want to be here – that’s not a great way to have a relationship now is it? So if you join on an annual subscription and change your mind because you feel the Project isn’t right for you, you’ll receive a full refund if you email me me within 14 days of your purchase. You don’t even have to give me a reason why you want to leave me – it will be a nice clean break.

If you join on a monthly subscription and change your mind because you feel the Project isn’t right for you, you will receive a full refund if you tell me within the first 7 days of your first month of membership. After that, you can leave at any time and your membership will finish at the end of the month of your last payment.


I know it goes without saying, but to be clear from the get-go: don’t be a bitch. Membership rules include: be kind, positive and supportive. I don’t tolerate nastiness, hate speech, promotional spam or bitchiness. When making comments on the site or within online groups associated with the Project (including Facebook), be respectful at all times and remember freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want (that’s not what the law means).

Respect people’s privacy. Don’t share or repeat what others have said. Don’t gossip. Be a grown up woman who helps other women rise.

If you break the rules, you’ll be kicked out.


I (Rachael) own all the content here. You can’t take said content and publish it as your own. It’s called plagiarism (and as a journo, I know the rule) and is a form of stealing. I have created the resources here with blood and a lot of tears (I try not to sweat where possible). It’s hard work to create something like this – I wouldn’t steal from you so please don’t steal from me. If you do and I find out, I will set a lawyer on you. I know some good ones as well as some pretty good journos who might like a juicy story about such behaviour.

When you join, you agree to all the Terms & Conditions. You should read them ALL before you join.

Start your Complete Life Project today to begin living a healthier, happier, more balanced life. When you join our community, you become a Lifer – a woman dedicated to living her life completely.